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Get the party started with SiNG Party, a new, interactive musical performance game that will get you and your guests singing and dancing well into the night. In “Party” mode, the lead singer uses the Wii U GamePad controller to view lyrics and receive cues, freeing them from. my mum wants a karaoke/singstar style game, but i havn't really seen any. SingStar™, the definitive competitive singing game series for PlayStation consoles developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Welcome to , the place to keep up to date with all of the latest SingStar™ news, community videos and SingStore™ releases. Purchase songs to.

The first game featuring four mics & four singers together! 30 chart topping songs from a mixture of leading artists, including original videos; Broad range of music for a variety of tastes; Solo, Party and Karaoke modes; Party Mode includes We Sing, Versus, Group Battle, Pass The Mic, and First to ; Up to 4 players can. 6 Sep Just wondering if by any chance the Singstar PS2 Microphones work with Rockband2/Beatles or any of the GH games, also does the Rockband 2 Drums work. 11 Jan Can i use my ps2 singstar microphones with a wii console or are these different. at present i have a hard drive on one usb and i was going to use these.

31 Dec Yes - sort of. I have just purchased Glee Revolution (I LOVE THAT SHOW) and it is awesome. You can get party ones, kids one, Robbie Williams, Grease (just got that one too but haven't used it yet) They are adding titles all the time. Lots and lots of fun - will be annoying the neighbours with it again tonight. dcx_badass; Nope, didn't work for me with the High School Musical game. Dagnammit. Thanks anyway. Quote Like Permalink. Avatar. fablanta. 29th Jul 1. The Singstar SCEH adaptor for PS2/PS3 did not work for me on any of my singing games. Logitech made mics seems to be the brand to go for .


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