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21 Aug However, since some of our gaming really enthusiasts liked the full-screen supersampling, we have created a tool for users that allows them to enable 2x, 4x , and 8x full-screen supersampling. You can download the tool "NVIDIA SSAA. exe" from the File Attachments section below. FileAttachments. Could someone please tell me what settings I need to change and how the aa fields work? It's just confusing since there are so many options there. I'm even confused about how to set it through Nvidia Control Panel (if possible) but I figured just going with the more advanced tool would be useful in the. 19 Nov I wouldn't bother using the nVidia tool, if you want to enable SSAA per game (and trust me, you do want that) then use nVidia Inspector: /nvidia-inspector-tool. Note that although the page is in German, the tool itself is in English. It works with my GTX , so I can't imagine why it.

The texture quality loss from the "blurring" isn't a big deal because there wasn't much detail to begin with. 8x8x SSAA shot. Without AA there would be a ton of jaggies here. Btw, ToMMTi's SSAA-Tool can create a higher downsized virtual resolution in DX games. It works with ATI hardware too, which is. I was using the ssaa tool for my s and now ive upgraded to the s it no longer works or atleast i get errors NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT when i open it and apply settings. Does the not support this tool or is there a new version somewhere? Thanks. 12 Apr warhammerkid 7 years ago. Nvidia Inspector ( inspector-tool) is like the Nvidia control panel on steroids. It gives access to many more of the configuration options than the Nvidia control panel, like SSAA, several settings for transparency anti-aliasing, and a whole bunch of.

12 Apr You now have an idea of what aliasing is and how anti-aliasing improves it. But how does this technology work? Let's discuss the two generic anti-aliasing methods that 3D hardware uses: supersampling and multisampling. Supersampling With. I'm trying to force SG-SSAA using the NVIDIA tool, but it has no effect. Is it still supposed to work?. All settings with SSAA in them used compatibility bit 0xC1 in Nvidia Inspector. Screenshots taken with DXTory which .. Despite the fact that this tool was made by nvidia they do not officially support it, it comes with a nice fat " use at your own risk" warning. The new fermi cards + new drivers made.


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