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Universal countdown leader

Either by or , the name of the leader was changed from "Universal Leader" to "Television Leader." The latest overall length of both styles is the same : in 35mm, 16 feet and 4 frames or frames. The countdown section begins with a single frame bearing the words "Picture Start." The sync beep (or 2-pop) occurs. I've have to assume that shooternz does not pass audio to post houses for work. The Universal Leader/countdown provides the starting sync pop (2-pop) with matching flash frame 2 seconds prior to the start of the film. Who ever heard of a film starting at It's best to stick to standards (that's why. I would like to have this countdown prior to the start of my film so the projectionist will know where to cue the film to. Any thoughts? Thanks File> New> Universal Countng Leader. What bit don't you More in the help file: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 * Create a counting leader (Windows only). Get a free one.


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