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Hammond sk1 extra voices

Sk Voice Library. The Hammond Sk's have the brilliant advantage of being able to hold a running library of “Extravoices” of your choice which enhance the Hammond Sound, and provide to be serious solo instruments when called upon. They are available here FREE OF CHARGE. Question for all you SK1 owners: When this board first came out there were several not-so-nice comments about the 'extra' voices, e.g. the pianos, EPs. So I understand there have been some updates. I would like opinions on the current state of non-organ sounds in this board, i.e. have they improved. 21 May Check out the On my Hammon SK1, the sounds with "extra voices" seem to have. .. page at Sweetwater — the world's leading music technology and instrument retailer!.

11 Apr Hammond SK keyboards are really taking off in Australia, and Hammond wants to make it even easier to keep your keyboard up to date. 23 Mar Can I use an Extra Voice like Flute on Upper then allocate an Extra Voce like Synth Strings to the Lower. It seems the SK1 can only play one Extra Voice at a time. Thank you. I found the answer: sadly only one Extra Voice at a time on a SK1. I'd delete this post if I knew how. Hammond SK otherwise, I love it. but more a bender.:) please. the nord community are laughing at the rate hammond is producing the extra voices libraries they have tons. but on the other hand, they also have the silly brio button drawbars. other people have experience with the sk1 and ski?.

Hammond SK1 Manual Online: Extra Voice Instrument List. Group 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 0 A. Piano 1 A. Piano 2 1 A. Piano 2 1 A. Piano 2 1 A. Piano 2 2 E. Piano 2 E. Piano 2 E.


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