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Click here to download the zipped file for is used by the WSJT applications and the current version of GJTRACKER to automatically enter the other station's grid locator. In addition to including location information for many VHF stations, it includes all known 6m EME stations. Information on this file . //ms UTC _WSJT_CALL3 > format for WSJT- PROGRAM by K1JT //MS-EME-WSJT-Version UTC an exerp of VHF-DATABASE on MMMonVHF //UPDATES welcome: http://www. - 73 the Team of MMMonVHF 2E0ZWW,JO01ED,,, M3ZWW. 15 Mar Hi Sandro, thanks for reporting that defect. I have amended the grid lookup to not lookup empty callsigns. 73 Bill G4WJS. On 15/03/ , Alessandro Gorobey wrote: > Hi Mike, > is generated by wsjtx. > It is initially empty. > It is managed by the group of controls under frequency > Add.

Optimized for low data traffic transfer, works with any internet connection - Moon tracking data and providing DDE exchange for Arswin interface - Manually / Automatically update your file in your WSJT folder from the daily updated VHF-Database - Locator Info providing distance and direction and info about MWS. HF file coming together with JTDX software, it contains callsign and grid data and being used for hinted decoders and detection of the false decodes user has to copy file in the log directory to get hinted decoders working. file is used for QSO logging, ADIF export from other logbook. CALL3/TXT. General Information. Country. Chile. Continent. SA. CQ Zone. Sunrise (UTC). - Sunset (UTC). - CALL3/TXT . HamQTH. CALL3/TXT. OnlineLog. Clublog. DX Cluster summary. DX Spots for CALL3/TXT. Total DX Spots. RX First DX Spot. Oct Latest DX Spot.

Hi All Further to last message, we have come across a situation with some weak. JT4F files where the single line decoding results are different according to whether there is a (large) present in the directory. Different in this case means lower confidence numbers in the periods that do decode, and some periods that. = 1. Go to Menu -> File -> Overwrite Locator Database And open settings/database/msloc_db_jt65_deep_search. dbmh. If you have to use you own Copy file to settings/database/ rename extension to Then open with notepad remove all 3 lines in beginning . WSJT-X on the Mac. WSJT-X on the Mac · January 20, WW2DX Comments 0 Comment. When I first started testing WSJT on the mac it was with the original version of WSJT (v) not the “X” version. This was working fairly well in with earlier versions of OSX prior to I found this useful doc from ZS6TW on.


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