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29 Jan It turns out, thankfully, that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will not tailor his conscience to suit the fascism of the times. (Did I just write fascism instead of fashions? Must have been a typo.) In a statement about the Xenophobe-in- Chief's travel and immigration bans on people from seven predominantly. 3 Aug U.S. Olympic athletes Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Jordyn Wieber. Images by Vectorportal, Pictlux and An Honorable German, used under a Creative Commons License. Michael Phelps Affirms Olympic Traditions While Ryan Lochte, Jordyn Wieber And The Dream Team Display Attributes That Bring. 19 Aug Sports fans boo for many reasons. Brazilians, maybe more than most. Jeers, catcalls and heckling have been staples of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and the habit has stirred a storm of comment and consternation. The barrage from the bleachers has brought a Russian swimmer to tears, unnerved a French.

11 Apr Americans love to invoke the past and indeed are often happiest doing so in direct proportion to their ignorance of it. One oft-repeated historical refer. 21 Feb So, as the Olympics draw to their close, I'd like to thank my dear Canadian friends for showing their tolerance of all things non-Canadian. Except, of course, all things American. As an American I love being in Canada, except during. 19 Aug When an angry crowd of Brazilians jeered U.S. Olympic gold medal swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, calling them 'liars' and giving one of them a tug on the ear, the young Americans looked shocked by the ferocity of their reaction.

14 Apr Residents described hearing a volley of fire in the morning, and seeing plumes of thick smoke emerging from the north and east of Damascus. 5 Aug BANGKOK (AP) — The rest of the world may think Americans eat a lot of burgers, have huge shopping malls and are ruled by an arrogant government. And yet the “Ugly American,” it would seem, isn't all bad. Americans are also seen from afar as generous tippers, friendly, uncomplicated, rich and the. 22 Dec An emergency UN General Assembly meeting passed a resolution calling for the US to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as well as its decision to move the US embassy there. A total of countries backed the resolution, nine voted against and 35 abstained. Twenty-one countries did not.


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