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The GConf reference manual is sort of incomplete - it can be found at http://library For now you .. Red Hat Linux contains an experimental patch that allows you to set the environment variable " GCONF_LOCAL_LOCKS=1" - do this in a script in /etc/profile.d for example. Then locks will be. GConf was a system used by the GNOME desktop environment for storing configuration settings for the desktop and applications. It is similar to the Windows Registry. It was deprecated as part of the GNOME 3 transition. Migration to its replacement, GSettings and dconf, is ongoing. Changes to this system are controlled by. Upstream URL: License(s): LGPL. Maintainers: Jan de Groot. Package Size: KB. Installed Size: MB. Last Packager: Jan Steffens. Build Date: UTC. Signed By: Jan Steffens. Signature Date: UTC. Last Updated: 59 UTC.

21 Feb Introduction to GConf. The GConf package contains a configuration database system used by many GNOME applications. This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS platform. What is Gconf? GConf is a system for storing application preferences. These preferences are stored in XML files under the user's home directory, ~/.gconf. Each preference is represented as a key-value pair. GConf is meant to be a way for developers to easily store user preferences and system administrators to set default. [[email protected] ~]$ su - Password: [[email protected] ~]# yum install gconf- editor. Loading "installonlyn" plugin. Existing lock /var/run/: another copy is running. Aborting. [[email protected] ~]# gconf-editor -bash: gconf-editor: command not found.

GConf-Editor is a tool used for editing the GConf configuration database. This is not the recommended way of setting desktop preferences, but it might be useful when the proper configuration utility for some software provides no way of changing some option. User reviews. The GConf repository contains a series of storage locations that are called configuration sources. The configuration sources are listed in the GConf path file. The location of the GConf path file is /etc/gconf/ gconf-version-number /path. Each user has a path file. The path file specifies the following information for each. GConf Command Line Tool. GConf includes a command line tool, gconftool You can use the gconftool–2 command to perform the following tasks: Set the values of keys. Display the values of keys. Install schemas from schema definition files when you install an application. For example, use the following command to .


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