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Linguist software

Linguist's Software is a foundry that designs fonts supporting more than languages for Windows and Macintosh computers. LaserHebrew fonts are English system, left-to-right fonts, excellent for those needing to input Hebrew words or short phrases into an English (or other language). LaserGreek Greek fonts include all 35 accents, breathing marks, iota subscripts , and diereses needed to type classical and Biblical Greek. These may be typed .

TrueType and Type 1 TransCyrillic fonts for Windows and Macintosh computers. LaserHebrew in Unicode for Windows, with Unicode-encoded Hebrew fonts, by Linguist's Software. LaserGreek® in Unicode™ provides professional-quality, Unicode-encoded Greek fonts in TrueType® OpenType® format for Biblical and classical ( polytonic).

A topically organized list of resources on the Internet that pertain to linguistics computing. Announcements in this area are for new or updated software that is useful to professional linguists. Announcements for software that are of no cost to users may be announced for free; otherwise LINGUIST will charge a posting fee of $ USD. Software that is free to users may also be submitted as a Software Web Link. 78 Computational Linguistic Software jobs available on Software Engineer, Computational Linguist, Engineer and more!.


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