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The Start-Job cmdlet starts a Windows PowerShell background job on the local computer. A Windows PowerShell background job runs a command without interacting with the current session. Starting in Windows PowerShell , Start-Job can start instances of custom job types, such as. For questions regarding your application for any particular position, please contact the Employer directly. is a job search engine. Trademarks, service marks and logos are property of their respective owners who do not sponsor, endorse or promote this website Verification of information on your CV, consumer. Start-Job. Start a PowerShell background job. Syntax Start-Job [-ScriptBlock] scriptblock [[-InitializationScript] scriptblock] [-ArgumentList Object[]] [- Authentication AuthenticationMechanism] [-Credential PSCredential] [- InputObject psobject] [-Name string] [-RunAs32] [CommonParameters] Start-Job [[ -FilePath] string].

The Start-Job cmdlet kicks-off a Windows PowerShell job, which runs in the background. It requires a scriptblock containing a file reference or normal PowerShell code. 32 jobs The Board complies with the Rehabilitation Act of , as amended, and provides job applicants with disabilities reasonable accommodations to assist them in applying for jobs at the Board. If you have a disability and would like to request an accommodation in order to apply for a job at the Board, please call. The job arguments specifically for this run. They override the equivalent default arguments set for in the job definition itself. You can specify arguments here that your own job-execution script consumes, as well as arguments that AWS Glue itself consumes. For information about how to specify and consume your own Job .

Start-Job starts a background job and creates a job object that you use to monitor , query, and interact with the job using the cmdlets Get-Job, Receive-Job, Wait- Job, Stop-Job, and Remove-Job. You won't see any interactive windows or console output until you query the job object with Receive-Job. A little late, but for people still having issues with this specific error message, one fix for this example is to use -WindowStyle Hidden instead of -NoNewWindow, I' ve had -NoNewWindow appear to get ignored a lot of the time and cause it's own problems. But for this specific error that seems to come from using Start-Process. 18 Jul Currently, Start-Job: defaults to different, fixed working directories on different platforms (which is problematic in itself). $HOME on Unix (macOS, Linux); $ HOME\Documents on Windows. by contrast, using the newly-introduced Unix-like & syntax defaults to the current location; this discrepancy is.


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